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Who are we?

Joy Soul Apothecary is a community and safe space for you our #SoulTribe. We promote healing through self- care and have remedies for the Crown, Body and Soul. We select only the finest ingredients and products, many of which are handmade and all natural, to assist you in your journey. Our products can be used for various body, spiritual and home remedies and rituals.

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Journey to Joy + Soul

Our founder, Joy Williams, is an Herbalist Practitioner and Spiritualist who gained international success as a Educator and Celebrity Hairstylist. Her journey of overcoming obstacle to gain success and then losing everything only to find herself more deeply and powerfully through meditation, self- care and metaphysical implementation, is inspiring to say the least. Joy’s desire is to reach the masses and empower them to prioritize Self- Care and Balance of the soul as the best path to overall success in life.

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