What is a Spiritual Bath and Why do I need one?

Spiritual baths have been used for centuries in many cultures to cleanse the soul, clear the mind, rebalance the body, and ultimately heal the chakras with an intention to connect with your soul. The idea of a spiritual bath is to help clear any blockages that can lead to more serious issues- emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

You want to start with a clean, clutter-free bathroom. Cleanliness is next to Godliness as they say! The water used in many cultures is sacred and pure, but the warm water pouring from your faucet is just fine. Ingredients to our Spiritual Baths include herbs, flowers, incense, and most of all good intention and prayer. Connect your intentions and manifestation power to the bath by praying your own prayers and declaring healing, release and rejuvenation over your own life! The time spent in the tub should be a time without a phone or laptop nearby. It is a time to unplug and focus on your internal spiritual healing.

Remember this is your Sacred Time. Don’t go in happenstance, be Intentional!

Focus on tapping into your Spirit and releasing negative situations and mindsets that have been holding you back from walking in your Truth and Power. Cleansing your Spirit beforehand to attract positivity with our sage or palo santo stick is an added bonus.

There is no set way to take a Spiritual Bath. Each bath is prepared and set to each individual's needs and we have 3 options to choose from- Release, Healing and Rejuvenate! Please see our website, for more information and to order.

If you find yourself needing guidance, below you will find some steps that I recommend to create a great Spiritual Bath experience:

1. If you wish, take a shower before soaking. This will cleanse you and then the intent of the bath will be strictly to relax and clear the blockages.

2. Make sure that the tub you are using is clean and relaxing. Make the bathroom your sacred space for this time. Light some candles, burn some aromatherapy oils or incense, play some music, remember to Pray!

3. Decide on the intention of the bath. Cleanse your own energy and prepare yourself to be Present in the tub. The energy you give to this bath is what you will get back.

4. Fill the tub with clean water and add your favorite Joy + Soul Apothecary Spiritual Bath. Feel free to combine this with one of our PH Balanced Bath Soaks. Pink Himalayan Sea Salts among our other ingredients are known for having healing properties and the ability to draw out toxins and any impurities out of the body.

5. You can choose to be in silence or in prayer/meditation or have relaxing sounds playing.

6. Spend 20-30 minutes in your spiritual bath.

7. Thank Divine/Source/God (whatever you call your higher power) for hearing your prayers and receive them with gratitude.

8. Get out of the tub taking time to process your experience.

9. Be Ready to Receive because Baby, It’s on the Way!

Should you try it?

Honestly, it's totally up to you. Spiritual baths can be helpful for anyone. Taking this small amount of time out of your day can certainly help you relax, refocus and regain some balance in your life. Anytime we feel overwhelmed or in need of clarity, or just want a break it is important to take time for ourselves and time to Hear God. Our Spiritual Bath can be something you want to include into your weekly routine or during your day of self-care.

Joy Williams


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